Buy and sell Bitcoins in an easier, secure and faster way Secure and Fast Receive payments for your bitcoin directly into your bank account anywhere in the world.

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Bank Transfers

Receive payments into your account anywhere in the world.

No Extra Charges

No additional fees. You only pay according to our fixed rates.

Secure Transactions

All transactions on our website are secure and encrypted.

Send Money Globally

Send funds to your friends or family anywhere in the world.


How It Works

Choose a Service

Choose the service you need; if you want to buy or sell.

Initiate Trade

Initiate transactions from anywhere in the world with the click of a button.

Get Paid Instantly

You get paid immediately your transaction has been confirmed on Blockchain.

Purchase from any location

Securely and confidently buy from any part of the world

You can trade your cryptocurrency with us and receive your payment in any part of the world.

Peace of mind

Trade with confidence

We are available 24 hours daily for your trades and we work round the clock to ensure that you are always satisfied.


Send And Receive Money

  • From United Kingdom (UK)
  • From Europe (EU)
  • From China (CN)
  • From Hong Kong (HK)
  • From Australia (Au)

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